The Energy Planning Program

The importance of energy as an object of study has become undeniable in modern society. The subject is so comprehensive that it reverberates in all fields of knowledge. In engineering, specific studies focus on the design and construction of more efficient devices and equipment for the generation, transformation, transport and end use of energy. In other sciences, and particularly in planning, what was sought was to complement the technological dimension with a political, economic, social and, finally, ecological analysis of the energy issue. In fact, the subject requires a transdisciplinary approach. From the 1970s onwards, several masters and doctoral courses in Energy Planning were created in centers of excellence in Europe and North America.
In 1979, the Interdisciplinary Area of Energy (AIE) was created at COPPE as a joint initiative of the Systems Engineering, Production Engineering and Nuclear Engineering Programs. In January 1992, the former AIE became an autonomous program within COPPE, now known as Energy Planning Program (PPE). Recently, the PPE began to go deeper into a highly correlated study area: Environmental Planning. Also recently, two laboratories were created: LIMA - Interdisciplinary Environmental Laboratory and CENERGIA - Center for Energy and Environmental Economics.
Nowadays, the PPE has established itself as a center of excellence and the largest Brazilian group of postgraduate research and teaching in its field.